Innovation - A New Research Model

There's been little innovation in market research for the best part of half a century.

The original research model, which still prevails, is inherently reactive. It cannot take you to new places, it can only verify that you are on your way to somewhere new (once you've set your course by some other means).

At the same time, consumers have become more and more aware, not only as professional consumers of marketing, but as professional market research respondents: the responses given are less telling because they are less innocent.

Conventional research operates in the arena of information, but modern business needs knowledge derived from information.

Increasingly, The Business Research Unit has operated under these new conditions, delivering derived knowledge, but within the remit of conventional, informational qualitative and quantitative research.

Anne Rigg has formulated a new way of navigating opportunity; a projective, consultative offer based on more than 25years of experience in classic research methods. She has renamed The Business Research Unit to reflect this change.

This new approach is supported by data gathering but it is neither exclusively data-focused nor data-dependent.

Business needs new ideas about engaging its consumers, new strategies for remaining relevant and interesting, not data for data's sake.

Modern business needs it now.

>> So what is Derived Knowledge?